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Thursday, dec 5th

8:00                Registration, Coffee & Mingling

9:15                Welcome address

9:45-11:45     Round Table: “Closing the Cycle: the Perspective Role of CCU”

                        Moderator: Michele Aresta - IC2R srl and CIRCC

                        Panelists: Anastasios Perimenis, EUCO2 Value Europe;

                                          Giuseppe Astarita, Federchimica;

                                          Roberto Millini, ENI;

                                          Sergio Lombardini, ENI-VERSALIS;

                                          Alberto Pettinau, SOTACARBO;

                                          Stefano Stendardo, ENEA;

                                          Gaetano Iaquaniello, NextChem;

                                          Christoph Guertler, COVESTRO;

                                          Sara Cantone, Cluster SPRING

                         Chair: Renato Baciocchi

11:45               KNL1 - Roberto Millini - ENI

                        “Carbon Capture Technologies: Status and Perspectives”

12:15               OP1 - Giovanni Pavesi - SIAD Group

                        “CO2 recovery plant in Rosignano: environment and industry synergism”

12:30               OP2 - Mauro Doimi - D&D Consulting SAS

                        “Example of Carbon Capture and Storage system in an Italian wetland ecosystem (Valle da Pesca)                                  related to the BNeutral RBIOS carbon offset certification”

12:45               OP3 - Giulio Latini - POLITO

                        “Reversible CO2 absorption by bio-inspired task specific ionic liquids solutions”

13:00               OP4 - Olga Sacco - UNISA

                        “Polymer/MOF composite monoliths for methane-carbon dioxide separation”


13:15               Networking Lunch


                        Chair: Carmine Capacchione

14:15               KNL2 - Stefano Stendardo - ENEA

                        “Deep decarbonisation of industry via inherently circular CCU processes”

14:45               OP5 - Renato Baciocchi - UNIRoma

                        “CO2 utilization via carbonation of steel slags to obtain products for engineering applications”

15:00               OP6 - Giulia Costa - UNIRoma

                        “CO2 utilization via carbonation to improve the environmental behavior of waste incineration bottom                                ash in view of recycling”

15:15               OP7 - Eric Kennedy - UNI Newcastle

                        “Study on the structural transformation of silica in carbon mineralisation by 29Si Magic Angle                                         Spinning Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy”


                         Chair: Michele Aresta

15:30               OP8 - Francesco Nocito- UNIBA

                        “Use of CO2 in carboxylation reactions: catalysts and reaction mechanisms”

15:45               OP9 - Veronica Paradiso - UNISA

                        “A novel[osso]-type chromium (III)complex as a versatile catalyst for the copolymerization of carbon                               dioxide with epoxides”

16:00               KNL3 – Christoph Guertler - COVESTRO

                        “New products based on CO2 as a building block for polyurethane plastics- sustainable carbon                                          sources for the chemical industry”


16:30               Networking break


17:00               OP10 - Valentina Crocellà - UNITO

                        “Unravelling the reaction mechanism in direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and                                    CO2 on oxide based catalysts”

17:15               OP11 - Francesco Barzagli - CNR

                        “From CO2 capture to the synthesis of useful chemicals: low energy consumption methods for carbon                              recycling”


                         Chair: Giulia Licini

17:30               KNL4 - Angela Dibenedetto - UNIBA and CIRCC

                        “Integration of biotechnology and catalysis for an effective CO2 conversion”

18:00               OP12 -Alberto Varone - CRS4

                        “Recycling CO2 in a smart energy Environment: The biological methanation”

18:15               OP13 - Patricia Benito - UNIBO

                        “Ni promoted catalysts coated on open-cell foams for CO2 methanation”

18:30               FP1 - Gabriele Mulas-UNISS

                        “Mechanistic inferences, by Mossbauer and Raman Spectrosopy measurements, in the                                                     mechanochemical CO2 conversion to hydrocarbons driven by olivine serpentinization process”

                         FP2 - Natale Gabriele Porcaro - UNITO

                        “Development and optimization of microporous materials for CO2 capture from post-combustion                                     processes”

                         FP3 - Paolo Sonzini - UNIMI

                        “A Metal-free Synthesis of N-aryl Oxazolidin-2-ones by the One-pot Reaction of CO2 with N-aryl                                         Aziridines”

                         FP4 - Sergio Bocchini - SCFT TORINO

                        “Stabilisation issue on Ionic liquids systems for CO2 Capture”

                         FP5 -Ezio Nicola D'addario - AIDIC

                        “AIDIC commitment on CCSU”

19:00               Closing

20:00               Networking Dinner

Friday, dec 6th

                         Chair: Osvaldo Lanzalunga

8:30                 KNL5  - Carlo G. Visconti - POLIMI

                        “CO2 to hydrocarbons using renewable H2: opportunities & challenges”

9:00                 OP14 - Valeria Farina - UNISS

                        “CO2 conversion to light hydrocarbons driven by mechanical activation of olivine powders”

9:15                 OP15 - Elena Brusamarello - UNIPD

                        “CO2 methanation on supported nickel: effect of preparation on size and dispersion”

9:30                 OP16 - Enrico Catizzone - ENEA

                        “Catalytic assessment of zeolites in dimethyl ether synthesis”

9:45                 OP17 -Mauro Mureddu - Sotacarbo

                        “High performing active catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol”

10:00               OP18 - Serena Todaro - CNR

                        “Desing of hybrid catalysts for the direct hydrogenation of CO2 to DME”

10:15               OP19 - Francesco Pancrazzi - UNIPR

                        “P2G: From Hydrogen To Oxygenated Fuels”


10:30               Networking break


                         Chair: Carlo G. Visconti

10:45               KNL6 - Roberto Gobetto - UNITO

                        “Homogeneous and Heterogeneous CO2Electroreductionto to Chemicals: State of the Art”

11:15               OP20 - Claudio Ampelli - UNIME

                        “CO2 utilization by photo-electro-catalytic (pec) route using non-critical raw materials”

11:30               OP21 - Carlo Nervi - UNITO

                        “Mn catalysts for electrochemical reduction of CO2: homogeneous and electrode functionalization                                           approaches”


                         Chair: Angela Dibenedetto

11:45               KNL7 - Gaetano Iaquaniello - NextChem 

                        "CO2 reuse: how to minimize its cost"

12:15               OP22 - Riccardo Rinaldi - POLIMI

                        “Techno-economic analysis of power- and biomass-to-liquid plants”

12:30               FP6 - Davide Bernasconi - UNITO

                        “Carbon Dioxide fixation into minerals”

                         FP7 - Davide M S Marcolongo - UNIBA

                        “CO2 photoconversion: Carboxylation and Reduction Reactions”

                         FP8 - Rosa Maria Matteucci - UNIBA

                        “Carboxylation of Diols: Role of the Reaction Parameters“

12:45               KNL8 - Michele Aresta - IC2R srl

                        “An Economy based on CO2 and water”

13:15               Closing

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